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Duke University Health System is an academic and healthcare system which provides care to patients with diverse backgrounds. Federal and state laws requires that healthcare organizations that receive Medicare, Medicaid or reimbursement from federal health programs provide language access services to limited English proficient, deaf and hard of hearing patients. One goal of Duke Health is to have a standardized, health system-wide software solution in place for these patient’s needs and provide medical interpretation to patients in a language in which they can understand. Duke Health has implemented a mobile Video Remote Interpretation application that meets patient language access needs in over 250 languages.

In this presentation, you will learn how Duke Health dealt with the following:

  • Federal and state laws related to compliance with language access services
  • Operational challenges for on-demand language access
  • Data security challenges of mobile health devices

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Nursing Informatics Systems Specialist III, Duke Health Technology Solutions

Nancia Odom

Nancia has has 21 years of nursing experience with leadership in interpreter services, patient throughput, hospital operations, bed management, supply chain logistics, project management and complex system implementation in the private healthcare sector. She holds BSN, MSN and MMCi degrees, and is board certified in Informatics Nursing.

Information Security Analyst, Duke Health Technology Solutions

Michael Hancock

Michael has over 20 years of experience in Cybersecurity, with specialties in healthcare applications and mobile devices. As Information Security Manager for a local municipality, his responsibilities included balancing the public’s need to know verse the very real need for information protection. As the Director of Compliance at one of the ‘Baby Bell’ telecom companies, his team managed to wade through the complex maze of regulatory requirements to provide successful outcomes for our customers. He holds CISSP, CISA, PMP and CRISC certifications.